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Problems of transport logistics

thumb_2010trans(eds.) Marek Fertsch, Agnieszka Stachowiak

Problems of transport logistics

Publishing House of Poznan University of Technology

Poznan 2010

pp. 174




Chapter 2. Andrzej Bujak, Zdzisław Śliwa:
 Underground automated highways concept to improve supply chains. advantages and disadvantages 128.09 Kb

Chapter 3. Koichi Shintani, Rob Konings, Akio Imai:
 The Impact of Foldable Containers in Liner Shipping 46.84 Kb

Chapter 4. Sart Sukprasert:
 A Study of Transportation Systems of Products and Export in Cassava Starch Industry 126.97 Kb

Chapter 5. Kankrong Su-angka:
 The Initial Study of Korat-Light Rail Transit System 134.51 Kb

Chapter 6. Zbyszko Pawlak:
 Urban rail infrastructure and population flows' management efficiency 122.02 Kb

Chapter 7. Marta Kadłubek:
 Nowadays and future public railway transport in Europe 108.72 Kb

Chapter 8. Marcin Forkiewicz, Andrzej Tubielewicz:
 Management of seaport critical infrastructures of integrated sea?land transport chains 143.52 Kb

Chapter 9. Sukru Inan, Mustafa Yucel:
 New energy routes and changing the roles of ports 68.69 Kb

Chapter 10. Anna Kwasiborska:
 About some aspects of transportation of airfreight 18.70 Kb

Chapter 11. Mustafa Ibrahim Swissi:
 Airbus prevail 16.32 Kb

Chapter 12. Mustafa Ibrahim Swissi:
 Applying the BOT system in airports 16.16 Kb


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