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Innovative and intelligent manufacturing systems

thumb_2010prod(ed.) Marek Fertsch

Innovative and intelligent manufacturing systems

Publishing House of Poznan University of Technology

Poznan 2010

pp. 376





Chapter 2. Ludmiła Zawadzka, Krzysztof E. Olinski:
 Computational intelligence methods in production management 49.98 Kb

Chapter 3. Jan M. Myszewski:
 Controllability and observability in manufacturing process 175.15 Kb

Chapter 4. Jolanta Łopatowska:
 Evaluation of change in planning and control process 64.24 Kb

Chapter 5. Paweł Pawlewski, Zbigniew J. Pasek, Marek Fertsch, Paulina Golińska:
 The production flow efficiency improvement through feedback at the master production schedule level 66.40 Kb

Chapter 6. Zbigniew J. Pasek, Pawel Pawlewski:
 Toyota ? From Master to Disaster? 142.27 Kb

Chapter 7. Michał Adamczak, Piotr Cyplik, Łukasz Hadaś:
 Assembly-to-Order as an implementation of the Leagile method: a case study 53.73 Kb

Chapter 8. Anna Kosieradzka:
 Applying Capability Maturity Model CMMI? to Production Management 160.26 Kb

Chapter 9. Katarzyna Springer, Małgorzata Woińska:
 Creating quality by improving information processes in the production logistics of self-adhesive labels 115.40 Kb

Chapter 10. Magdalena Diering, Sabahudin Jašarević:
 Methods of analysis and evaluation of the measurement system ? a case study 91.77 Kb

Chapter 11. Alicja E. Gudanowska, Anna M. Olszewska:
 Effective management of production using foresight 19.11 Kb

Chapter 12. Anna M. Olszewska, Alicja E. Gudanowska:
 Methods of effective management of production process 33.00 Kb

Chapter 13. Karolina Kolińska, Piotr Cyplik:
 Work standardization - tool for increasing effectiveness of activities 109.54 Kb

Chapter 14. Joanna Maciak:
 The reducing the time of machines changeover time by using SMED 67.17 Kb

Chapter 15. Małgorzata Wejman, Leszek Pacholski:
 Solutions limiting and decreasing workload in assembly processes 97.81 Kb

Chapter 16. Adam Koliński:
 Diversification of production - innovative tool for controlling 115.22 Kb

Chapter 17. Tomasz Bralewski, Agnieszka Rosińska, Katarzyna Grzybowska:
 Logistics in polish horticultural seeds companies at the production stage 80.09 Kb

Chapter 18. Roman Domański, Łukasz Hadaś:
 The essential problems of efficiency of production systems ? application TOC One of the methods of overcoming 67.55 Kb

Chapter 19. Paweł Zając:
 Computer control of AGV in the warehouse and on the terminal's 122.45 Kb

Chapter 20. Bogusław Węgrzyn:
 Innovational aspects of SME's technological manufacturing processes 107.57 Kb

Chapter 21. Magdalena K. Gąsowska:
 Innovations in production logistics in the conditions of crisis ? on the basis of selected companies in north-eastern Poland 77.04 Kb

Chapter 22. Waldemar Jasiński, Elżbieta Jasińska, Stanisław Janik:
 Innovation in technology 75.58 Kb

Chapter 23. Anna Mazur, Milena Drzewiecka:
 HACCP ? a step towards innovative management in food industry 150.75 Kb

Chapter 24. Małgorzata Jasiulewicz-Kaczmarek, Przemysław Drożyner:
 Excellence models in maintenance 117.43 Kb

Chapter 25. Irena Pawłyszyn, Aleksander Jurga:
 Spreadsheet as tool supporting MRP analysis 81.98 Kb


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