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Knowledge Management and Organizational Culture of Global Organization

thumb_okladkaKatarzyna Grzybowska, Magdalena K. Wyrwicka (Eds.) 

Knowledge Management and Organizational Culture of Global Organization

Publishing House of Poznan University of Technology

Poznan 2011 

pp. 320






 Introduction 155.67 Kb 


Part 1 Knowledge Management

Chapter 1. Jan M. Myszewski:
 Knowledge and Quality Management 120.46 Kb 

Chapter 2. Łukasz Malinowski, Magdalena K. Wyrwicka, Andrzej Grzybowski:
 Building competitive advantages and organization wisdom 121.90 Kb 

Chapter 3. Remigiusz Kozłowski, Marek Matejun:
 Dynamic business environment as a source of technological entrepreneurship - a case study 129.64 Kb 

Chapter 4. Karolina Baran, Agnieszka Chleboś, Magdalena Czerniak, Agnieszka Grzelczak:
 The forms and methods of training in the enterprise 74.38 Kb 

Chapter 5. Beata Mroczek, Karolina Werner, Magdalena K. Wyrwicka:
 Forms and methods of in-service training in companies of the region of Wielkopolska 74.53 Kb 

Chapter 6. Magdalena Czerniak, Karolina Baran, Agnieszka Chleboś, Agnieszka Grzelczak:
 Analysis of training systems in selected companies including international company 146.86 Kb 

Chapter 7. Agnieszka Chleboś, Karolina Baran, Magdalena Czerniak, Agnieszka Grzelczak:
 The evaluation of training efficiency 71.87 Kb 

Chapter 8. Anna Staniszewska, Magdalena K. Wyrwicka:
 Green Procurement and Knowledge, qualifications of staff for their conduct 7.67 Kb 

Chapter 9. Przemysław Niewiadomski, Magdalena K. Wyrwicka:
 Managerial competencies of the managing staff in contemporary production enterprises - research report 76.60 Kb 


Part 2 Organizational Culture

Chapter 10. Natalia Pawlak, Izabela Kudelska:
 The culture in Global Organisations 6.70 Kb 

Chapter 11. Daria Nadolna, Szymon Niedźwiedź, Bartosz Malinowski:
 Cultural diversity management in the transnational enterprise 150.68 Kb 

Chapter 12. Magdalena K. Wyrwicka, Anna Stasiuk, Milena Drzewiecka, Michał Masadyński:
 Organizational Culture diagnosis as an element of supporting organizational change management 167.75 Kb 

Chapter 13. Bożenna Kromer:
 Process approach as an instrument to improve the efficiency of the organization 69.91 Kb 

Chapter 14. Katarzyna Rostek, Michał Wiśniewski:
 Reengineering logistics processes in organizations of public administration 73.58 Kb 

Chapter 15. Małgorzata Sławińska, Piotr Odrakiewicz:
 Ergonomic standards of the communication processes in multicultural organization 75.78 Kb 

Chapter 16. Daria Nadolna, Szymon Niedźwiedź, Bartosz Malinowski:
 The role of leadership in conditions of global economy 80.22 Kb 

Chapter 17. Elżbieta Jasińska, Stanisław Janik, Michał Jasiński:
 Global Social Responsibility 101.57 Kb 


Part 3 Organizational Concepts

Chapter 18. Marija Kuzmanović, Bisera Andrić Gušavac, Milan Martić:
 Assessing customer value for new products using conjoint analysis 81.61 Kb 

Chapter 19. Iwona Łapuńka:
 Fuzzy modeling of multi-criteria assessment of project execution schedule 122.81 Kb 

Chapter 20. Karolina Werner:
 The idea of widening of network thinking methodology 70.71 Kb 

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