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Production systems - Selected Issues - Theory and Practice
thumb_okladkaMarek Fertsch (Ed.)  

Production systems - Selected Issues - Theory and Practice

Publishing House of Poznan University of Technology

Poznan 2011

pp. 234 





 Introduction 74.77 Kb

Chapter 1. Ludmiła Zawadzka, Jarosław Badurek, Krzysztof Oliński:
 Integration of natural and artificial intelligence in production systems 75.89 Kb 

Chapter 3. Jolanta Łopatowska:
 Methodology of assessing the effectiveness of changes in the planning and control process 76.79 Kb 

Chapter 4. Agnieszka Stachowiak, Łukasz Hadaś, Piotr Cyplik:
 Improving competitiveness in global markets with Production Control ? theory and practical applications 126.75 Kb 

Chapter 5. Paweł Wojakowski:
 Cell formation problem: state-of-the-art 85.63 Kb 

Chapter 6. Jerzy Mazurczak, Ireneusz Gania:
 Object specialization parameters of production systems 123.13 Kb 

Chapter 7. Mustafa Yucel, Zeyni Artik, Sukru Inan:
 An Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) case study of evaluating a Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) 78.54 Kb 

Chapter 8. Edward Michlowicz:
 Mapping as an important element of logistics production in small companies 184.13 Kb 

Chapter 9. Justyna Trojanowska, Krzysztof Żywicki:
 Problem of adaptive production flow control in the aspect of company management 175.54 Kb 

Chapter 10. Anna Sobiś:
 Basis of Continuous Improvement System ? a comparative analysis 123.82 Kb 

Chapter 11. Agnieszka Faron:
 Organizational structures in companies engaged in implementing Lean Management 73.11 Kb 

Chapter 12. Bożena Gajdzik:
 Actions limiting the negative influence of metallurgical enterprise on the environment 87.36 Kb 

Chapter 13. Waldemar Jasiński, Stanisław Janik:
 Selected aspects of production continuity assurance in clothing plants 126.99 Kb 

Chapter 14. Buliaminu Kareem, Peter Kayode Oke, Salami Ayodele Lawal:
 Production layout assessment of a Nigerian brewery industry 78.40 Kb 


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