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Selected logistics problems and solutions
thumb_okladkaKatarzyna Grzybowska, Paulina Golińska (Eds.)

Selected logistics problems and solutions

Publishing House of Poznan University of Technology

Poznan 2011

pp. 334







 Introduction 133.45 Kb 

Chapter 1. Nicolas Zufferey, Manish Verma:

Chapter 2. Wojciech Stecz, Radosław Pytlak:
 Multiobjective optimization of the routes for logistics operators 76.46 Kb 

Chapter 3. Tadeusz Nowicki, Jacek Suchocki:
 A new Genetic Algorithm for transportation problem 13.21 Kb 

Chapter 4. Verena Flitsch:
 The efficiency of port logistics ? benchmarking container terminals 145.90 Kb 

Chapter 5. Marta Kadłubek:
 Development factors of logistics centers in Poland 97.80 Kb 

Chapter 6. Gábor Kovács, Katarzyna Grzybowska:
 Logistics processes supported by freight and warehouse exchanges 76.47 Kb 

Chapter 7. Gustaw Z. Konopacki:
 Model Multi-Zone Protection Area Warehouse 106.66 Kb 

Chapter 8. Paweł Zając:
 The choice of parameters of logistic warehouse system, with taking the energy into consideration 82.62 Kb 

Chapter 9. Andrea Sujová, Eva Sopková:
 Procurement Management System in theory and practice 70.44 Kb 

Chapter 10. Kathrin Reitner, Werner Wetzlinger, Wolfgang Ortner:
 The impact of VMI on procurement processes 231.53 Kb 

Chapter 11. Vyacheslav Pleschenko:
 Optimization of procurement procedures for industrial enterprises 74.21 Kb 

Chapter 12. Jacek Szołtysek:
 Logistics aided online shops 70.51 Kb 

Chapter 13. Anjali Awasthi, Sophie D'Amours, Satyaveer S Chauhan, Azadeh Mobtaker:
 Managing supply for construction project with uncertain starting date 110.24 Kb 

Chapter 14. Grzegorz S. Woelke:
 System of planning the deliveries by trucks limiting waiting times for discharges 56.88 Kb 

Chapter 15. Andrzej Bujak:
 Concepts and determinants of logistics development and their influence on distribution logistics 83.47 Kb 

Chapter 16. Iwona Pisz:
 Identification and Risk Assessment of Logistics Projects 86.27 Kb 

Chapter 17. Christoph Siepermann:
 Risk Management in Logistics with the Balanced Scorecard 73.76 Kb 

Chapter 18. Ceren Erdin Gündogdu:
 An analysis of GIS based real estate valuation 73.27 Kb 

Chapter 19. Maciej Bielecki:
 Conditions of a logistically efficient product in the context of a Small Manufacturing Enterprise (SME) 80.91 Kb 

Chapter 20. Ewa Bąk:
 Significance of environmental protection in logistics 103.10 Kb 

Chapter 21. Buliaminu Kareem, Peter Kayode Oke, Lawal Ayodele Salami:
 Determination of criticality of road accidents in Nigeria 175.20 Kb 


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